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Curriculum vitae of Dr. Norbert Husfeld
Date of birth / placeJune 4, 1965 in Lauenburg/Elbe, Germany
Marital statusMarried to Manuela Husfeld, born Eisenhauer
ChildCelina Elisabeth Husfeld, born on January 10, 2006
ParentsEdith and Herbert Husfeld
HobbiesMusic, astronomy and computer applications
Education09/71 - 06/75Primary school Großhansdorf
 08/75 - 06/81Secondary school Schmalenbek
 08/81 - 06/84Commercial high School "Am Lämmermarkt", Hamburg, Germany
Military service07/84 - 09/85Tank artillery batalion 165, Wentorf, Germany
Study10/85 - 07/92Study of chemistry, Technical University of Clausthal
 07/92 - 10/93Degree with Prof. Dr. K.E. Heusler in the institute of corrosion
 10/93Master degree in chemistry, "1/Very good"
Promotion11/93 - 05/97Doctoral thesis at Prof. K.E. Heusler
 05/97Dr. of science, "1/Very good"
Advanced Training09/97 - 03/98"International Sales Management": Data processing and business English
Employment04/98 - 10/17Project manager for electronic catalog data and product data at Rittal
 11/17 - presentProduct manager central tasks at Rittal
  Areas of Practice: Cross-product tasks in product management like product lifecycle management, innovations, pricing, price maintenance, discontinuation control and classifications according to eCl@ss (Advanced).
  Skills: Classifications (ETIM, eCl@ss), BMEcat, Datanorm, PIM, CMS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Apache, WAMP on CD, InstallShield, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Media Asset Management, international product data management, mobile apps, product lifecycle management
Doctoral thesis of Dr. Norbert Husfeld
Influence of Metal Adsorption on the Specific Surface Energy

This dissertation is a description of the time-dependence of surface energy for the potentiostatic adsorption of thallium, bismuth, lead, cadmium, zinc and copper on gold with (111)-main orientation in perchlorate- and sulphateelectrolyte in the underpotential region, that means above the potential of equilibrium of the metals.
The method of Koesters-Laserinterferometry has been improved. The adsorption was characterized by cyclovoltammograms, impedance-spectra and mass-coverage too.
In all cases the specific surface energy still changes a lot when the mass-coverage already assumes its equilibrium value. This deviation from the thermodynamic Lippmann-equation is due to irreversible mechanical tensions because of changes of the surface owing to changes of the structure. Such changes of the structure will be kept even desorption will take place.
After the adsorption of zinc and copper, alloys were originated. The ESCA-profile was the base for the calculation of the interdiffusion-coefficient of zinc in gold. The originate of alloys produce mechanical tensions. These tensions are growing with the square root of time.
Effective charge coefficients have been calculated out of the comparison of charge and mass-coverage. These coefficients are the ratio of charge to mass-coverage. Big effective charge coefficients are due to a desorption of water at the same time as metal adsorption happens.

The whole text is available at "Verlag Papierflieger, 1997" with the identification-number "ISBN 3-89720-002-3".
Norbert, Celina and Manuela
Manuela, Celina and Norbert
Iwona and Roland
Family Fiedler
Sonja, Erwin, Celina and Manuela
Family Wolter
Manuela, Matthias and Svenja
Norbert and Celina in the shopping center
On our terrace
Hobbies: Horse, Music and Astronomy
Horse (Manuela and Celina)
Description: On May 7, 2007, Tamazight was born as a reed-drawn Berberhengdoll from Jeedah and Naroui in the stud "Al Mansour" in Plombieres (Belgium). It bears the name Tamazight which is in Arabian the expression for Berber, he is called Tamaz. He appears to be a mold. On November 4, 2007, he moved to Hesse at the Lahn.
Parents and siblings: His father, Naroui, was born in Algeria, and was buried for several years in the Tiaret National Park. Tamazights mother is the black Berber mare Jeedah from the stud Al Shatane. Panchir, Quandjar and Rohan are his brothers - all have the commonality of a typical exterior and a good, balanced character. Panchir (born in 2003) was world champion of the young stallions at the world champion of the Berber horses during the Equitana 2007.
Horse breed: The strength of the spirited and courageous Berber horse lies in its almost unlimited endurance and willingness to perform. He is an extremely comfortable and tough riding and working horse that acts agile and over short distances with great speed.

Music (Norbert)
From August 1996 to March 1998 I learnt to play keyboard from Hans-Juergen Ryba (Clausthal, Germany).
From '99 to '04 I have learnt it in the musicschool Bickel (Herborn-Seelbach, Germany).
From '12 to '14 I took lessons at POWWOW Music - House (Löhnberg-Niedershausen, Germany).
In 2016 I practiced online education with Skype by the music school Moll (Paderborn, Germany).

Astronomy (Norbert)
A student's course at the observatory Burgsolm aroused my interest in astronomy. Meanwhile, I am the proud owner of a Maksutov telescope Meade ETX-105PE / AS Premier Edition with computer control and occasionally go to events of the observatory Limburg.
Features of my telescope:
Optical System: Maksutov - Cassegrain
Lens/Mirror diameter: 105 mm
Focal length: 1470 mm
Electronic weighing sensor
Electronic compass
Precise Timer
Red light spot detector
Stars sightb. to: about 12.1 Mag
Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 20 cm
Weight net: approx. 6.1 kg
In addition to current astronomical events and the planets, I am interested in the theoretical aspects of astronomy, as Professor Lesch regularly reports in his TV series.

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