This is a remembrance of my deceased parents
and the house of my youth.

Curriculum vitae of Edith Husfeld
Date of birth / placeMay 26, 1933 in Hamburg, Germany
Date of death / placeJune 3, 2004 in Siek/Ahrensburg, Germany
Marital statusMarried to Herbert Husfeld since 1956
ChildrenRoland, born at June 11, 1957 and Norbert, born at June 4, 1965
ReligionEvangelical, Confirmation 1949
HobbiesWriting, opera, do handicrafts
Employment1950Apprenticed to the insurance Hamburg-Mannheimer
 1959 to 1962Collaboration in the construction of the Kiel branch of Hamburg-Mannheimer
 1962 to 1964Housewife in Lauenburg on the Elbe, where she was very fond of
 1965/1966Housewife in the remote border town of Langenlehsten, where she did not feel well at all.
 1967Family holiday in Kraksdorf on the Baltic Sea
 1969Purchase of a terraced house in Siek near Ahrensburg
 As neededSubstitution of the employee in the post office Siek
 1977Cure in Bad Segeberg
 1979Ever-increasing rheumatism, which she finally tied to the wheelchair.
Curriculum vitae of Herbert Husfeld
Date of birth / placeOctober 28, 1932 in Elpersbütteldonn/Meldorf, Germany
Date of death / placeAugust 18, 2012 in Weilburg/Lahn, Germany
Marital statusMarried to Edith Husfeld, born Graaf since 1956
ChildrenRoland, born at June 11, 1957 and Norbert, born at June 4, 1965
HobbiesHandball goalkeeper, lotto and toto, observation of sports events and animals
EmploymentApril 1948 to March 1951Apprenticed to Kröhnke & Lau in Kiel to become a merchant
 1952 to 1958Employee of ironmonger
 1959 to 1961Apprenticeship as a customs officer in Bad Gandersheim because the earnings were not enough
 1962 to 1964Customs officer in Lauenburg
 1965/1966Customs secretaries in the remote border town of Langenlehsten, where his wife did not feel well at all.
 1969Customs officer at the custom office Hamburg-Broktor
Buy from a terraced house in Siek near Ahrensburg
 October 1992Retired as a customs inspector
 November 2004Move to Löhnberg-Selters, then to the nursing home Weilburger Stift.
Edith 1948
Marriage 1956
Norbert, Herbert, Edith and Roland 1979
Herbert and Edith 1979
My father Herbert 1981
Edith, Norbert and Herbert 1990
On the occasion of grandmas burial 1997
Edith and Herbert at the breakfast 2002
Fichtenweg 62, Siek
Terrace of Fichtenweg 62
Tombstone 2012
Family tree (date 2013)
Obituary for my deceased parents
Edith Husfeld was a cheerful and communicative person. She could adjust to her conversation partners. Inspite she had her own opinion, she did not force anyone to share it but acceptes also other ways. She was religious and had a lot of cultural interests, for example she liked to read and liked classical music. The visits of friends and neighbors got less when she was not able to leave the house anymore due to her rheumatic illness.

Herbert Husfeld was a humble man with a great sense of nature and honest interest in his fellow men. Swagger and egotism were foreign words to him. Instead of traveling, he preferred to stay at home. Nevertheless, he could also be the center of a conversation, entertaining his conversational partners with anecdotes. He gave joy to each one, and was helpful and generous to him, with the help of words and deeds.

Together, they gave their children lots of freedom to develop. In their early years as parents, they gave the responsibility for the education of her first son to her parents to reach their goals in life instead. Later they have bitterly regretted it. Unfortunately, this time was no longer catching up even though they were very concerned about it. The second child, then, had become more and more the center of their live. They were not rich, but they always found a way for me to have everything I ever wanted and I am grateful for that. I could not have got better parents.

Rest gently and sleep in peace. Have a thousand thanks for your efforts. Even if you are divorced from us, you will never die in our hearts.

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